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8 avril 2020

The price for trimming a cedar hedge

First, one of the first factors influencing the price is the frequency of maintenance. A regularly maintained hedge will have a range of denser branches which will give a perfect result at the time of...Lire la suite

1 avril 2020

The different grades of cedars

Wild cedar The wild cedar often comes from swampy forest or lowland. These puny plants, weak and devoid of real mass of greenery, are sold in large quantity and stored for long periods of time,...Lire la suite

27 mars 2020

The advantages of choosing a landscape contractor with a contractor's licence also called licence (RBQ)

Present throughout Quebec, the RBQ's mandate is to ensure the quality of construction work and the safety of people in the subject areas. As such, the RBQ is responsible for developing and updating the regulations...Lire la suite

24 mars 2020

How to prepare the installation of your cedar hedge?

5 steps to make the right decision. Take note of places, for example; the terrain, the number of windows overlooking the privatized area. Select the location where the hedge will be installed and the setbacks...Lire la suite